Ways for diagnosing vein insufficiency

The alterations that are linked with vein insufficiency are easily visible through the skin. So, a clinical examination and furthermore a diagnosis is particularly important and can reveal a lot in relation to the extent of the problem.

However, the complete mapping Of the vein system is necessary in order to choose the appropriate treatment. This is made possible only with the use of specialized illustrated examinations.

One of the most valuable examinations is the color duplex, known as triplex. The caller duplex is an examination with ultrasound, which is completely painless and completely tolerable from the patient. It can unveil the vein network, both the deep vein and the superficial one, with extreme details. Also the ability to illustrate the presence of blood flow in the veins, as well as it’s flow.

The determination of the blood flow is important in the examination in order to see this situation of the veins and especially the valves.

The examination through ultrasound in patients with varicose veins is critical, because it is the key for the correct diagnosis for varicose veins and leads to the planning of the correct treatment that offers immediate relief and excellent result that lasts.

Varicose veins are visible from the skin and are a network of superficial veins that are dilated and they except a lot of blood volume, which is fed to them from the central superficial veins, situated deep inside the fat and under the skin, such as the great saphenous vein and the small saphenous vein.

Οι κεντρικές αυτές φλέβες, που έχουν στρατηγική σημασία για τη θεραπεία των κιρσών καθώς τροφοδοτούν με αίμα τους κιρσούς και μέσω αυτών διαταράσσεται σημαντικά η φλεβική κυκλοφορία του άκρου, μπορούν να απεικονιστούν με τους υπερήχους. Με το Triplex μπορούμε να διαπιστώσουμε την διάταση των φλεβών, δηλαδή αύξηση της διαμέτρου τους, και να δοκιμάσουμε την καλή λειτουργία των βαλβίδων τους.

These central veins, that are of strategical importance for the treatment of varicose veins, since the feed them with blood and through then there is a disruption of the blood flow of the lower extremities, can be visible through the ultrasounds. With the triplex we can determine the dimension of the veins, which means whether they increased their diameter, and test the good functionality of the valves.

The examination is done easily and quickly in our clinic to all the patients that are likely to suffer from vein sufficiency and it lasts from 15 to 30 minutes.

There are other examinations that are equally important depending the situation. Such examination Is the magnetic phlebography and examination which is extremely sensitive and specialized for vein sufficiency. This examination is done by injecting a specific contrast medicine and by specialized processing of the images in an electronic computer. It is available in many diagnostic centers and it is necessary only in rare cases where the triplex it can not be diagnostic.