Truths and myths for vein conditions

A great number of doctors and patients ignore The importance and the dangerousness of vein conditions. However their existence can be a great threat to the health.

Myth 1: The sense of discomfort on the legs is a logical aftermath of old age.

The feeling of pain, heaviness, or of tired legs is a pathological condition for any age. However, as the time passes it can become a factor of vein problems that have not been dealt, as the veins are in a constant battle against two very powerful enemies: Gravity and time. The existence of discomfort on the legs has to be examined always by a vascular surgeon.

Myth 2: The vein conditions are not particularly important or dangerous

A great number of doctors and patients ignore the importance of the brain conditions. The vein conditions might be linked to serious and life-threatening diseases such as the risk of thrombosis, phlebitis, pulmonary embolism and therefore they constitute a huge problem of health And are in need of immediate dealing.

The fact that vein insufficiency appears even more frequently for the past years especially to women, can be perceived as anything but insignificant. This is linked directly with the reduction of time the modern person dedicates in walking or exercising.This condition can you evolve to ulcers, especially in the gastrocnemius, which are extremely difficult in dealing. This condition can lead to hyper pigmentation and hardening of the skin in areas of lipodermatosclerosis, One more often than not it brings low self esteem and therefore low quality of life.

Myth 3: dealing with vein conditions is painful and can cause scarring

Even though the past years the above myth was a fact, in our days the new minimal invasive methods for dealing the vein conditions Bring it down. Many of the older treatments, like saphenectomy and sclerotherapy with the use of a hypertonic solution of sodium chloride,Where in fact painful and aesthetically repulsive. The solution to this problem is given by the new methods, which expand and power completely painless and they don’t leave any marks even in the more advanced cases of vein insufficiency. These new techniques involve among others the use of laser, ultrasounds, and other modern technologies in combination with new and more effective medicines.

Myth 4: The treatment for pain conditions is frequently ineffective and shortsighted

Indeed A decade ago, the surgical dealing of varicose veins was extremely ineffective with almost 85 to 90% of the patients relapsing at some point in their life. In our days however, even though it is known that the vein disease cannot be treated radically, when to therapy is given by experienced hands and with the use of new techniques, up to 90% of the patients will never need another treatment. The same applies for spider veins. Patients with spider veins when in experienced hands can succeed a percentage of over 90% in refinement, which has a percentage of relapse smaller than 15%. It is possible to be in need of occasional treatment, but the vast majority of patients enjoy the benefits for the rest of their lives.

Myth 5: The treatment for vein conditions may lead to new vein problems

This statement is also true when it is about the old method of the open surgical rehabilitation, which lead to future new vein problems. Luckily, the most state of the art and minimally invasive surgery of the veins nowadays deals with the problem from its route, disrupting permanently the function of the pathological veins.

Myth 6: The procedures for the rehabilitation of vein insufficiency are tiresome for the patient and the recovery is longterm

This is another myth that was at some point through but have fun has been put down. Contrary to the old painful and long recovery techniques, The contemporary today techniques use local anesthetic, with the use of mild intoxication or even none. The patients walk immediately after the procedure, do not feel pain and are discharged directly. Furthermore they can return to their workplace in just a day or two after the procedure and to their daily activities even from the day after the procedure.

Myth 7: The procedures for the rehabilitation of vein insufficiency cost a lot of money.

The treatment for varicose veins with endovenous laser ablation do you to the fact that it is a minimal invasive surgery end it is accompanied by a brief stay in the hospital has as a result the drastic reduction of the nursing costs. Due to the fact that the social security insurance funds cover the cost for the laser fiber, The cost of the procedure has been reduced even more. Although the total charging is personalized according to the extent of the problem of each patient the cost of each case remains low.

As far as the spider veins are concerned, didn’t charge for deleting them is first session and the total cost is determined by the extent of the problem and the total number of sessions. In any case it rises to logical places.

Myth 8: The treatment of conditions for aesthetic reasons are only for the vain.

The vein conditions have an important impact as much in our outer appearance as in our psychology. Even when they are not accompanied by symptoms, the impact they have in our self-esteem and our quality-of-life is specifically important. There are many women that, due to the aesthetic image of their legs they form their wardrobe according to their problem, avoiding skirts, why they feel in a disadvantage when at the beach, the pool or other places where they have to expose their legs in plain sight.

Dealing with the aesthetic part of the problem by using contemporary Methods, which combining treatment with an excellent aesthetic result does not help only the creation of a good looking appearance but also, the reverse of the psychology and the radical improvement in the quality of life for the patient, something that is extremely important.