Zero incision procedure

What is zero incision technique?

The Zero Incision Therapy aims in the localization and the focused treatment of the areas that the blood refluxes, re establishing circulation without any incesion.

It is constituted by three stages:

  1. Detailed mapping of the vein system that enables the direct localization of the area that malfunctions.
  2. Painless endvenous ablation using laser (EVLA) of the vein elements that constitute the malfunction, and therefore feed the varicose veins. With the focused blockage of the veins that cause the reflux we cause the subversion of the varicose veins, which from the second day of the procedure are significantly smaller in diameter and are less apparent, and three months after the procedure they have reduced to 20% of their original size. With the completion of the endovenous laser ablation the normal blood circulation is fully restored. This means the effective treatment of the symptoms and the protection from the likelihood of complications, such as thromboses, even from the first day of the treatment.
  3. The residues from the varicose veins are exterminated after three months of the procedure, easily and quickly with the use of specialized laser or foam sclerotherapy.
  4. What are the advantages of the Zero Incision Therapy?

    • It does not have any surgical incisions
    • It can be performed with solely local anesthesia
    • It can be performed in a state of the art equipped clinic, with reduced costs, preventing the admission in the hospital
    • It is a completely blood free procedure, allowing even patients that are on anticoagulant medication to be treated.


Newer phlebology treatments focus on minimally invasive techniques which are associated with earlier return to normal activity and less pain.

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