Thermocongealment is a painless treatment for the spider veins that has ivolved in the last decade. It works with the use of high frequency signals and its broadcast through a very thin needle.

These signals emit thermal energy to the vein through a pulse, with great accuracy, achieving simultaneously the protection of the tissue around the vein and the shrinkage of the vein itself. The application is rather quick, it takes 15-20 m,inutes to cover the veins of a total length of over a meter long. When the treatement is fullfilled the vein is erased completely.

ΤThe results are not affected but he skin type of the patient and it can be applied on any part of the body, even the face.

Thermocongealment can be applied either in combination with sclerotherapy on spider veins that are extremely small in diameter, or even by itself with amazing results.


Newer phlebology treatments focus on minimally invasive techniques which are associated with earlier return to normal activity and less pain.

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