Lympoedema treatment of the lower extremities

Lymphoedema is a chronic condition that effects the patient not only physically but psychologically as well. Although there is no apparently effective surgical or pharmaceutical treatment, in our clinic you can treat lymphoedema with the Voddler method or Complete Decongestive Therapy that constists of two phases:

Phase one Decongestion: The painless and relaxing use of the lymph massage on the suffering areas mobilizes the lymph circulation, and afterwards follows the binding with specialized bandages until the next session.

The required number of sessions differ from 2-8, their duration is 60 minutes and the results are apparent even from the first session.

Phase two Maintainance: the use of compression stockings and your training on the management of the lymphoedema constitute the phase of maintenance.

In case there is an increasing tendency of oedema, it is recommended to repeat phase one but in less duration and in continuance phase two.


Newer phlebology treatments focus on minimally invasive techniques which are associated with earlier return to normal activity and less pain.

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