In our days, that everything is plenty and the supply exceeds the demand, the medical science could not be excluded from this rule.

This is the reason why, given my recent experience, I would like to share some of my personal criteria which differentiate the doctor who I trust in the end from the others.

Undoubtedly, the majority of doctors, nowadays, have had an excellent training and in many circumstances the differences between the good doctor and the best doctor are small and very difficult to notice.

Also, I believe that, despite the recommendations coming from our social environment, the doctor of our friend does not have to be the most suitable for us, too.

For me, it is essential that we trust our instinct.

What we feel after our first appointment with the doctor plays an important role in the doctor-patient relationship that is going to be created.

The doctor, apart from his diplomas, the recommendations and his experience, the luxurious

clinic or the appropriate marketing, should inspire trust.

The kindness and the positive attitude from the doctor and the rest of the team in the clinic, is the recipe that is going to make us feel safe, present our medical problem and express

our doubts.

Finally, I believe that the doctor has to approach patients with humility and humanism.

Addressing myself to you now, mr. Alexandros Mathaiou, my doctor, I would like to thank you for

succeeding from our first appointment, to help me to overcome all of my fears and my doubts.

You made me trust you because of your scientific knowledge and your totally positive and humane approach.

Applying, in my case, the most appropriate methods, I got rid of every kind of unpleasant sensation in my legs (like burning, weight, cramps and numbness)

And, most importantly, you gave me back my lost self-confidence and made me feel comfortable again, improving the appearance of my legs!!!


Thank you with all my heart