Dear Dr.Mathaiou,

I would like to describe my experience concerning the surgical procedure for varicose veins stripping which took place in the clinic REA. The whole procedure was truly painless, exactly as you had described it, and I have no doubt that the result will be the one you expect.

I would like to underlie two things which made a really positive impression on me. Firstly, the confidence with which you describe the surgical procedure inspires preoperatively and,mainly, your whole attitude during the two hours of anxiety before the anesthesia.

I was surprised by the fact that I was not anxious at all. Secondly, equally important is the professionalism that characterizes your supporting team. They were by my side, supporting me and answering my questions and making the entire procedure seem easy to me.

So, congratulations to these people, too. I would like to let you know that I will recommend you and your medical team in everyone with a similar medical problem to mine.

O…a A…i