My varicose veins issue worsened significantly during the last 10 years. My postponing dealing with it had to do with my reluctance to undergo an open surgical procedure.

After some personal research on laser therapy, and since I heard some excellent recommendations of dr. Matthaiou, I arranged an appointment for evaluation and then I arranged the procedure right away.

Even though it would be a laser therapy and not a surgery, when the day came, I was a bit nervous. The doctor, as well as his associates, in a very pleasant atmosphere, made sure that I would be deprived of my anxiety.

Everything happened calmly, in total cooperation with my doctor, whose self-confidence, concentration during the procedure and pleasant mood confirmed that my choice of trusting him was the right one.

After the procedure was complete, I was over the moon. On the same day, I walked for 5 hours. I wore the compression stockings for about a week.

The results of the procedure, after 50 days, are impressive. I have no more varicose veins on my legs, and there is nothing but some scant marks, which will disappear within the following months, too, as I was assured by the doctor.

I urge anyone who is still hesitating, to choose an analogous procedure, without delays.

My circulatory problem was restored, along with my aesthetic one, painlessly, immediately.

Many thanks to the excellent doctor for the care and the interest.