When I decided to treat the chronic problem affecting my legs I had to find a doctor who is specialized at it, so for a short but substantial period of time, I was searching on the internet to find information.

I did not want to be consulted from my environment. I read, searched and finally I found out the completely reassuring and informative page of Dr.Mathaiou.

Even though I am generally very suspicious, my appointment with the doctor eliminated all the fears and doubts I had, and the outcome of the surgery was even beyond my expectations. I can’t help mentioning the professionalism and the altruism that characterize dr. Matthaiou!

With his discretion and seriousness, Dr.Mathaiou is constantly explaining to me everything, since the day I was operated and every time we are having our appointments.

The clinic is really pleasant, humane, and I, as a patient, never felt to be visiting a strictly medical environment. I wish that other patients of the doctor feel the same satisfaction and gratitude as I do. Also, I hope the doctor continues showing the world the value of being a physician with the same passion and dedication!