I do not know how to begin thanking dr. Matthaiou for everything that he has done for me. His confidence inspires so much trust and safety that everything appears to be very simple, even though it means so much for our lives!


In our days, it is very rare for someone to be able to say that a scientist is “their doctor”. I feel lucky that I can say that mr. Matthaiou is my doctor.


As far as the whole experience is concerned, I was amazed by how unexpectedly easy the whole process was, from the first appointment until the procedure and then the therapies in the doctor’s office, how painless and how effective it was from the very first day!


The day after the procedure I was back at my daily routine without any trouble whatsoever!!


In his office, I feel like home; all the girls working there are so sweet, eager to help in everything that we need, cheerful and, most importantly, patient.