I am Sofia P., 6 years ago I was subjected to saphenectomy bilaterally which was performed by another medical doctor, with the basic procedure. On 10/01/2015, due to relapse, I was submitted to EndoVenous Laser Therapy in left lesser saphenous vein as well as in extended phlebectomies, in the medical clinic NEON ATHINAION.

Having had both methods quite close one to the other, first of from the basic surgery I underwent in 2008, which was performed with surgical incisions and stitches, and then, recently, in EndoVenous Laser Therapy, it is possible for me to make the comparison between them.

Actually the two methods are incomparable!! The first time, I was bedridden for ten days without the ability to move! Some days later, i had to remove the stitches which were around 50!!! The EndoVenous Laser was performed without general anesthesia, in contrast with the surgery that I was submitted in 2008. Also, i was able to walk 40 minutes after the end of the surgery. To be more precise, I had to walk every two hours.

I did not need either a painkiller or anything else. After staying at the hospital for about 2 hours, I returned home. If I knew my general condition after the surgery, I could drive back home without having to take a taxi!!! Everything was excellent and happened exactly as dr.Mathaiou had described. My impressions from this experience are great!!! The same thing stands, mainly, for dr.Mathaiou who is an excellent scientist and an outstanding person!

So is his supporting team. The environment is very friendly and willing. The clinic is equipped with the most advanced and modern equipment and the doctor is using the most modern techniques and methods.

The only thing that I have to mention is that the patient must have enough time for waiting because the appointments usually are delayed. But this is rather acceptable because of the doctor’s big workload.

I unconditionally recommend both Dr.Mathaiou and his supporting team.

Besides, I visited the clinic after recommendations, too.