Our highly specialized personnel, in combination with our excellent technological equipment, enables us to offer the correct and detailed diagnosis and treatment for any kind of venous disease easily and painlessly.

Christina Theodoraki – Office Manager

Christina is the first person you talk to upon communicating with our clinic. She is responsible for the communication with all patients, current, past or future, and she is responsible for the programming of all operations and appointments of the clinic.

With studies in graphic arts and a significant experience in the fields of press and advertisement, Christina’s responisibilities include the communication and advertisement of Athens VenoCare Clinic.

Petroula Nikitou – Nurse

Petroula is a graduate of the Nursing Department of the technological Institute of Education in Athens. She has prior experience in both state and private hospitals of obstetric and gynecology. Petroula is part of the nursing team that surrounds dr. Matthaiou in every aspect of the clinic, either that is the procedures, the treatments or even the exams that take place in our clinic.

Anastasia Kapsomenaki – Nurse

Anastasia is a graduate of Middle Nursing Education and has a significant 20-year experience in a large private hospital in Athens. She has also been occupied as a nurse in the state health system, in N.I.M.I.T.S and in the General Hospital of Rethimnon.

Anastasia has been with Athens VenoCare Clinic for the better part of 3 years in both procedures and treatments.

Antonia Loula – Nurse

Antonia is also a Middle Nursing Education graduate. After the completion of her studies she was occupied in University General Hospital Attikon and after that at a large private obstetric and gynecologic hospital.

She has been occupied in Athens VenoCare Clinic for 5 years in both procedures and treatments.

Angeliki Papafilippopoulou – Reception / Secretary

Angeliki is the first person you see upon entering our clinic. She is responsible for the reception of our clinic as well as the digitizing archieve of the clinic and its documents, medical or not. Angeliki’s experience as a therapy planner in a large rehabilitation center and as a secretary of labor and surgery rooms in a large private obstetric and gynecologic hospital is an asset for our reception.

With studies in English Literature, Public Relations and Communication and fluency in both English and Spanish, she is also responsible for the communication of dr. Matthaiou with his contacts abroad.

Laskarina Ioannou – Physiotherapist

Laskarina is a graduate of the Physiotherapy Department of the technological Institute of Education in Athens since 2006. In 2010 she successfully completed her specialization in the treatment of lymphedema via the Vodder method (Complete Decongestive Therapy). She continued her postgraduate studies in a hospital exclusively for lymphedema in Waldrich, Germany and since then she is occupied with the management of lymphedema of the upper and the lower limb.

She has attended seminars on measurement of compressive clothing (basic 1 and 2, advanced). In 2014 she participated as a lecturer in the 24th Panhellenic Physiotherapy Conference with the subject “Secondary lymphedema of the upper limb following mastectomy: International Guidelines – Vodder method”.

Laskarina has been a valuable part of our team, taking part in the therapy and conditioning of lemphedema patients of our clinic.