Predisposing factors for the appearence of vein insufficiency

Vein insufficiency tends to be very common issue, especially in our day. What are the factors that are linked with vein insufficiency?

  1. Age: Vein insufficiency usually appears in the form of spider veins around the age of 18 to 35 years of age. From then on, the frequency rises are the age rises. At the age of 70 years old, the patients suffer from any form of vein insufficiency, twice as many as of the age of 50.
  2. Gender: Women suffer four times more than men from vein insufficiency.
  3. Heredity: : It is the strongest predisposing factor. According to studies, if both parents suffer from varicose veins, the likelihood for their children to develop varicose veins is 90%. If only one parent suffers then the risk for the boys is 25% whereas for the girls is 62%. The total risk if none of the parents suffer from varicose veins is 20%.
  4. Pregnancy: Vein insufficiency often makes its first appearance after the first pregnancy. The greater the number of pregnancies of a woman the greater the risk of developing or worsening a preexisting vein insufficiency.
  5. Sedentary way of life or lack of exercise: Vein insufficiency is more frequent in people that follow this specific way of life. Statistically the risk is smaller in comparison to the per-mentioned factors. This factor increase significantly for people that have all the predisposing factors, such as heredity or many pregnancies.
  6. A profession that is associated with prolonged standing or office job: this factor is linked directly with the previous one.
  7. Increased body weight: Obesity is a medium risk factor for the appearance of vein insufficiency. The obese patients are highly difficult in dealing and they incur a high risk of relapse. They also have oedema on their lower extremities, that might not be linked with vein insufficiency.
  8. History of trauma on the legs: patients with a history of surgical operation or frequent injuries maintain a high risk of developing vein insufficiency.