Frequently asked questions for vein conditions and their answers

1Do high heels effect vein insufficiency?

Although high heels make the legs look very beautiful, the truth is that they affect negatively the proper function of the veins. That means that they preserve the muscles of the leg in a state of constant contraction, which is not normal.

In order for the muscles to maintain the ability to pump blood towards the heart, they loosen and contract fully and as often as posible.

Therefore, the extented use of high heels, for example during work hours, for eight or more hours in not advised.

2Does smoking effect vein insufficiency?

Smocking and the use of nicotine products are strong risk factors for the development of chronic vein insufficiency. Apart from that, smocking is known to provoke coronary heart disease, heart attack, vascular stroke episodes, atheromatosis and cancer. It can also provoke problems with the peripheral arteries ( peripheral obstructive arterial disease), such as pain while walking, skin lacerations and ulcers that do not heal. If you smoke it is advised that you quit immediately.

3Does being overweight cause vein insufficiency?

The increased body weight and obesity increase the risk of varicose veins and spider veins. The loss of weight leads to better results after the treatment and reduces the risk of complications, but it is not advised to lead to significant delay in treating the vein insufficiency.

4I have varicose veins. How can I get rid of them immediately?

The conservative treatment consists the use of compression stockings daily but that affects negatively the quality of life of the patient.

The endovenous laser ablation is a procedure that is painless, safe, and low cost, with excellent results that last.

For that reason, according to the American Venous Forum, it is recommend that the rehabilitation of the vein is made through endovenous laser ablation contrary to the conservative treatment, which can be performed soon after the diagnosis.

5How do I deal with vein insufficiency when I suffer from it even during the summer time?

Summer is not a contraindication for a treatment when someone suffers from vein insufficiency.

On the contrary, due to the heat waves the symptoms are usually worse and the patient is in need of treatment.

6Is sclerotherapy very expensive?

On the contrary it very economic. But because we cannot foresee before we start the treatment sessions the number of session that are required, we charge per session. Every session may include both legs, or each leg individually depended on the problem at hand.

7I recently underwent a sclerotherapy treatment. Can I sunbathe?

Typically you can sunbathe, but you have to avoid meridian hours and you have to protect the areas that were subjected to sclerotherapy for at least 2-3 weeks. It is also required that you apply high protection sun block on these areas.

8Is the use of compression stockings necessary after sclerotherapy?

It is proven that the use of compression stockings for 5 to 10 days after a sclerotherapy session is beneficial to the aesthetic result, due to the fact that it reduces the bruising and the irritation, while simultaneously protects from developing discoloration on the area that was treated.

The discoloration may include the appearance of lines, marks of a yellow color in the plave where the veins where treated with sclerotherapy. Though it is not usually permanent, we can avoid its appearance by using compression.