First Visit

On the first visit we evaluate each case using both medical expertise and appropriate equipment. It is of the outmost importance for our clinic that each case is treated properly, with steady improvement that lasts in the long term.

On the first visit, dr. Matthaiou is able to evaluate the condition of the legs by using the ultra sound and offer the best possible treatment.

Some of the symptoms that lead you to the vascular surgeon are visible spider veins (telangiectasias) or more commonly the feeling of pain, or weight on the legs or feet, swollen legs or feet (edema), and the presence of anesthetic features (e.g. engorged veins).

Clinical Examination – Diagnosis

The diagnosis of a venous problem is a result of careful examination with specialized equipment and the experience and expertise of the vascular surgeon. Many patients find it more easy to recongize the problem when they have visible problems of spider veins or telangiectasias, urging them to visit the doctors office with a general idea of their issue.

For a more detailed evaluation of the problem, we use modern and specialized tools and we form a primary impression of the degree of the damage. Following this, an ultrasonographic imaging ensues, otherwise called “Venous Triplex”. The “Triplex” ultrasound test reveals the venous return of blood in the leg, providing us with the ability to depict a detailed map of the problem, which leads to the efficient treatment of venous diseases.

Colour Duplex (Triplex)

The Coloured Duplex (Triplex) is an ultrasound test, which is totally painless and tolerable by the patient. It can depict both the deep and superficial venous system in detail. It enables us to determine not only the presence of blood flow in the veins, but also its direction, showing in detail the functional state of the veins and their valves.

We perform the colour duplex (triplex) exam in order to assess the condition of the veins and their valves. Through the colour duplex we can diagnose whether the veins suffer from valve insufficiency and if they are dilated or not. The dilated veins are part of the superficial vein network and they are characherized by the increased volume of blood gathered throughout the veins. The dilated veins often cause the appearance of varicose veins, which are lumps visible to the naked eye.

The surgeon using the ultrasound triplex exam as his tool can assess the condition of the veins and conclude the the best possible treatment plan for each patient. This exam is conducted easily and quickly in the doctor’s office on all patients that are possibly suffering from venous insufficiency and lasts 15-30 minutes.