Alexandros Matthaiou, M.D.

Having performed thousand of successful procedures in venous diseases,
I guarantee an excellent result, both medically and aesthetically without pain or trouble.
"Our target is the improvement of your quality of life"

Dr. Alexandros Matthaiou is the head of VenoCare Athens, a vascular clinic that offers the latest developments in diagnosis and treatments of venous diseases. With his scientific expertise, and after applying the newest techniques in phlebology, he aims for the most immediate, accurate and aesthetically flawless outcome for each patient's case.

After his graduation from Medical School and having completed his internship in Vascular Surgery in the Vascular Surgery Section of A’ General Surgery Department of the University of Athens, he trained on the diagnosis and treatments of venous diseases in the Italian Venologic Institute in Ferrara, Italy and afterwards in Indiana Vein Center, in Indianapolis, USA.

In 2012 he successfully completed his postgraduate diploma on modern intravascular techniques in Vascular Surgery in the University of Athens.

He is occupied exclusively with the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases. His portfolio consists of over 2000 procedures on varicose veins, his medical expertise transcends the Greek borders. Specifically he has developed successful co-operations with vascular centers in Dubai, UAE and Sofia, Bulgaria, where he maintains regular visits in order to operate, delicate or provide medical advice.

He is married and has one child.

Dr. Matthaiou is published in numerous scientific magazines and has an extensive literary presence,
while he is present in Scientific Conferences abroad as a guest speaker or participant.