1What are vein ulcers?

Φλεβικά Έλκη

Vein ulcers are very harmfulll for the skin and are a result of chronic vein insufficiency. It is very difficult to treat them, due to the fact that their healing takes a lot of time and they have the tendency to relapse.

Ulcers usually develop in the inner part of the leg, over the ankle. The skin around the ulcer has a brown color and has a very hard texture.

The contamination of the area is very common and it is characterized by a green coating that covers the surface of the ulcer, and a distinctly bad odur. The size of the ulcer can be quite big.

Vein ulcers are one of the many consequences of chronic vein insufficiency, which can lead to varicose veins or even thromboses.

2How do we deal vein ulcers?

Treating a vein ulcer requires the treatment of the vein insufficiency, which can be achieved through endovenous laser ablation.

The treatment reduces the vein hyper tension in the area of the ulcer, thus providing a way for a swifter healing.

Other indicative treatments of vein ulcers are foam sclerotherapy, microphlebectomies, zero incision operation and the use of compression stockings.

The stratigic points of modern phlebology for the correct dealing of vein insufficiency is the thorough diagnosis and mapping of each patient's problem and, in continuance, the choice of the right techique or, if deemed necessary, the combination of two techniques.

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