1What is lymphoedema?


The lymph system consists of the lymph vessels and the lymph nodes and its mission is to remove the useless products from our organism (water, proteins, fat). It has a significant role in the proper function of the organism.

If the normal circulation of the lymph is disrupted then the organism reacts with the edema due to high concentration of excess lymph liquid (lemphostasis). This dysfunction is called lymphoedema and it differs from oedema which is a symptom of disease, inflammation or injury.

The lymphoedema appears usually either of the upper or the lower extremities, and rarely on the torso, the abdomen or the genitals.

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2What is the case of lymphoedema?
  • The poor development of the lymph system
  • Surgical operation of cancer, either on the abdomen or prostate.
  • Vein insufficiency
  • Some injury
  • Some infection
3What is the treatment for lymphoedema?

The lymphoedema is a chronic disease that is not fully cured.

The only way to rehabilitate it is through phusiotherapy and more specifically with the use of the Voddler method (Total De-congestion Treatment) which is universally recognized as the most effective treatment and it is applied from specialized physiotherapists that have been trained on lymphoedema.

The stratigic points of modern phlebology for the correct dealing of vein insufficiency is the thorough diagnosis and mapping of each patient's problem and, in continuance, the choice of the right techique or, if deemed necessary, the combination of two techniques.

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