1What are the characteristics of lipedema?

The characteristics of lipoedema is concentration of fat around the hips and the thighs, less around the knee, and it stops abruptly on the ankles. On rare occasions we can see lipoedema on the upper extremities, but the torso remains thin.

In some cases, the skin on the thighs is soft and sensitive, it bruises easily due to the fragility of the blood vessels on that area.

It is important for the patients to maintain normal body weight, mainly because lipoedema does not respond to dieting.

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2What is the treatment for lipoedema?

The use of compression stockings or leggings in combination with aerobic exercise helps the liquid to “drain” upwards.

But, for patients that are in an advanced state of lipoedema, the treatment is specialized lymph massage and binding of the place. This way we reduce the circumference, and the maintenance of the result is accomplished with the use of a compression material, like the ones we use on the early stages.

Last but not least, if the conservative treatment fails, the patient can undergo liposuction with the most advanced techniques that can provide a very good aesthetic result.

The stratigic points of modern phlebology for the correct dealing of vein insufficiency is the thorough diagnosis and mapping of each patient's problem and, in continuance, the choice of the right techique or, if deemed necessary, the combination of two techniques.

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