1What is edema – lipodermatosclerosis?

Οιδήματα Λιποδερματοσκλύρηνση

The appearance of edema aw well as alterations on the skin (usually the change on the color of the skin) in the inner surface of the gastrocnemious are signs of advanced vein insufficiency. Usually these alterations are linked with varicose veins and severe degree insufficiency of the Great Saphenous or/ and the Small Saphenous Veins. They can cause heaviness, itching, cramping and at times pain that progress during the day.

2What are the related to?

Edemas are related with chronic increase in vein pressure which is caused by vein insufficiency. Edemas usually affect the gastrocnemious under the knee where there is extra pressure, due to body weight.

The proprer diagnosis and the proper treatment are necessary when the patient is on that grade of vein insufficiency. It is also required that the patient uses daily compression stockings.

The stratigic points of modern phlebology for the correct dealing of vein insufficiency is the thorough diagnosis and mapping of each patient's problem and, in continuance, the choice of the right techique or, if deemed necessary, the combination of two techniques.

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