VenoCare Athens

The vascular surgeon Alexandros Matthaiou created VenoCare Athens to offer scientifically and technologically advanced services regarding the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from any venous disease.

Our highly specialized personnel, in combination with our excellent technological equipment, is able to offer a thorough and detailed diagnosis and treatment for any kind of venous disease effortlessly.

"Our target is...
the excellent medical aesthetic outcome."

Our Mission

In VenoCare Athens we care about the quality of life of each and every patient; we always follow the appropriate steps in order to make your life better. We believe that a detailed diagnosis is an inextricable part of the procedure. We take under consideration each patients’ need and we apply the most appropriate techinques for every case.

Ultimately, our goal is to offer the optimum clinical and aesthetic result, without pain, in the safest and briefest way.

"our yearlong experience...
guarantees the best results."